Sensitive matter: young catalan architects

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Curatorship, alongside Pere Buil and Joan Vitòria, of the itinerant event formed by an exhibition, conferences, debates between selected architects and public and visits to works.

'Sensitive matter: young catalan architects' is an exhibition that shows architectures made by young arhitects stablished in Catalonia who share not only the same generation but, above all, certain attitudes and a way to understand and practise architecture.

It is also a personal gamble (and thus, it is necessarily biased and has a certain degree of risk). It can also be seen as a possible answer to two important questions: What will happen to architecture now that the current model is being questioned? And how can Catalan architecture contribute in the context of the global crisis?

An architecture with an ability to reinterpret prior models and references in order to provide new answers is demanded. A sensitive, honest architecture where people are more important than the construction itself or aesthetics, which assumes the limitations of the context, the place, the commission and the available and transforms them into opportunities. Local architectures for a global world. Architecture that is sensitive to its roots, changes and how is lived and perceived by the people and its users.

'Sensitive matter' is conceived as an itinerary event in order to promote debate and reflexion as well as relationship between people from different regions but yet with similar interests and approach. In addition to the exhibition and the conference made by selected architects, a local curator is invited to each interancy in order to visit the works and serve as a "bridge" between the public and the selected works. Their analaysis serves as a starting point in order to generate a debate between participants, curators and public which complement and enrich the event. A visit to works made by local young architects serves a final point of the event.

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Sensitive matter staff is formed by the following people (and now friends):

  • Curators: Pere Buil, Carlos Cámara y Joan Vitòria
  • Communication: Laura Bayo
  • Cultural Management: Nèlida Falcó
  • Exhibition design: Vora Arquitectura
  • Graphic design: Toormix

Selected studios: